A Romantic Getaway in Monteverde. Unique; Unforgettable

Couple holding hand & walking near Ficus Lodge

Looking for a honeymoon or romantic getaway is one of those high-stakes vacations that require some careful planning so that it is extremely special. For lovers of nature, hiking, adventure, and profound beauty, high up on a Costa Rican mountaintop, you will find the cloud forest which is the backdrop for an amazing romantic getaway in Monteverde. It is unique and unforgettable. It is a natural wonderland and is next to synonymous with a romantic vacation.

Monteverde is a quaint little place that sits on the continental divide that runs down the middle of Costa Rica. While small in size, it is full of possibilities to create unforgettable moments with your partner. It is a perfect destination for honeymooners to start the rest of their lives together in one of the world´s remaining tropical montane cloud forests. How does walking in the clouds while exploring the forest or a romantic dinner watching the spectacular sunset or ziplining through the forest canopy sound? Memorable.

One of the most important decisions when planning your romantic getaway in Monteverde is deciding on your love nest on the mountain top. Ficus Sunset Suites Hotel not only has all the modern love conveniences, but it is also in the heart of Monteverde which is a warm, fuzzy place to be. After a day of couple adventure, to retreat to your spacious, wood-accented suite that spells out the serenity and utter relaxation while inhaling the spectacular views from the privacy of the terrace, is romantic perfection.

Adventure in Love

While Monteverde conjures up the tranquility and the peacefulness of the cloud forest, it also is one of Costa Rica´s top adventure in nature destinations. For the lovers of adventure and those wanting to enjoy those thrilling couple goals, welcome to Selvatura Adventure Park Monteverde where the fun in nature is well and truly achieved.

Selvatura Adventure Park has perfected the cloud forest experience from a variety of perspectives and that is perfect to enjoy as a couple. Whether you decide to fly through the forest canopy or walk over the suspension bridges, adventure is the name of the love game here and will have your heart beating hard!

With a number of adventure packages to choose from, the first couple adventure in love decision is which activities to do. A friendly suggestion is to do them all to truly experience the cloud forest and its treasures, but a couple must do is the ziplining and the hanging bridges trail which will show you the cloud forest from above.

Gliding through the canopy of the cloud forest on 13 cables is not only an adrenaline rush, but it will also give you a satisfying sense of achievement knowing your beloved is cheering you on as you reach the next platform. Finish off the ride with a Tarzan swing to really take your adventure in love to a new level.

After flying through the cloudy canopy, it is time for a stroll over the hanging bridges that suspend in the misty sky. What better than a leisurely walk through nature, spotting wildlife and just enjoying the moment together. What is more romantic than walking through the clouds?

For the love of food

Monteverde is the ultimate destination for romantic dinners and foodie couples. With a selection of culinary experiences, couples can enjoy a range of local dining hotspots including the Ficus Sunset Suites restaurant that is perfect for a casual dinner while enjoying the uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean coastline or the starlit sky.

Not far from the Ficus Sunset Suites, are a number of great dining experiences that if after a day of adventure, you still have the energy to check out the Monteverde night scene, could be a great dine-out opportunity. Whether you choose the traditional Costa Rican eateries called “Sodas” to feel the local vibe or decide to dress up and dine out at the more exclusive eateries including the Tree House Restaurant or the Hotel Belmar Celajes Restaurant, there is a meal for all tastes.

The walk of love

Put on your hiking boots and have your binoculars handy as a walk in the Monteverde Cloud Forest is a true walk of love. This fairy-tale walk through one of the most bio-rich reserves in the region, if not the world, is a couple’s goal worth reaching. This is a unique experience and cannot be missed during your stay in Monteverde. 

Monteverde has a number of nature reserves that allow you to immerse yourself into this misty world of beauty. This is a sensorial experience that will reach your soul and open your eyes to the intense fragility of the forest that is home to a myriad of birds, insects, animals, mosses, trees, and plants that are nurtured by the moisture-laden canopy clouds and the small amounts of sun´s ray´s that can penetrate the forest and reach its floor. 

It is magical and a walk of love in the company of your partner. 

The perfect romantic itinerary

The perfect romantic itinerary during your visit to Monteverde for your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, special celebration, anniversary, or lover´s getaway looks like this!

After checking in at Ficus Sunset Suites, take the afternoon off and have a leisurely time taking in the fantastic views from your room or balcony, enjoy a delicious Costa Rican coffee on the lounge chair and just enjoy the downtime as a couple. Tonight, dinner is at the Ficus restaurant, the perfect introduction to a casual dining experience big on flavor.

Day two of your romantic getaway in Monteverde will take you for a hike into the cloud forest. Choose from the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve that is home to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity or the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve that on a clear day, you can see the majestic Arenal Volcano in the distance from the observation tower.

This nature-lovers walk is the best introduction to the cloud forest to truly discover its wonders. Don´t forget to go with a certified naturalist guide who is a walking encyclopedia of information about Monteverde, the cloud forest, and its dwellers, and of course, with an incredible capacity to spot birds and wildlife.

In the afternoon, you might like to walk into the town to have a look around and visit a butterfly farm or the Orchid Garden Tour. Because it is a small place and everything is pretty close to the Ficus Hotel, you can move around easily and get a real feel of the town and its unique vibe.

You might like to dine out tonight in one of the many restaurants in town or return to the Ficus Sunset Suites for a late afternoon cocktail while watching the spectacular sunset and then another delicious dinner. Day three is for the adventurous spirited couples wanting to see the cloud forest from above. Selvatura Adventure Park is on the itinerary for today and enjoy the full-day package to really experience the thrill of the cloud forest. This includes ziplining, the treetop suspension bridge walk, an amazing lunch, and a visit to the Sloth Sanctuary, Reptile, and Amphibian Exhibition and the Butterfly Garden. A day of adventure in love!

Day four is a day to take another walk through the cloud forest and visit another one of the reserves during the day or why not take a night tour and a different version of the cloud forest? Today is a day to enjoy and the freedom to decide where the cloud forest will take you. Relax in the sanctuary of your room, have a walk around town again, or look for another dose of adventure in nature. Your Selvatura Adventure Park episode will remain alive and kicking for a while so maybe a second rush is on the itinerary today.

That is the beautiful thing about Monteverde. Whether you go full adventure in love or go slow and inhale its serenity and tranquility, this romantic getaway will be unforgettable and a perfect way to celebrate love. Contact Ficus Sunset Suites to be your accomplice in the creation of your romantic getaway in Monteverde.