Exterior view during sunrise at Ficus Lodge

A Breathtaking Destination
for Nature Lovers

Discover the Wonders of the Cloud Forest and the
Best Activities to Enjoy There

The Ficus Sunset Suites serves as an idyllic base for uncovering the natural wonders of Monteverde and Santa Elena, Costa Rica. Step outside our lodge to immerse yourself in the authentic "Tico" mountain culture, wander through charming town streets, and engage with friendly locals. Arrange an exciting tour to explore the plethora of attractions in the area, including the legendary Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, where misty trails unveil a captivating world of diverse flora and fauna.

A mountain Gorilla in Santa Elena park near Ficus Lodge

Santa Elena

The nearby town of Santa Elena offers additional adventures.

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Photographer walking in Cerro Plano near Ficus Lodge

Cerro Plano

Cerro Plano, nestled in the lush region of Monteverde, Costa Rica, offers visitors a captivating natural retreat.

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Misty forest of Selvatura Park near Ficus Lodge

Selvatura Park

This expansive eco-park is located in the heart of Monteverde Cloud Forest, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore the biodiversity of the region.

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Three-wattled bellbird in a Biological Reserve near Ficus Lodge

Biological Reserve of Santa Elena

Spanning over 765 hectares, this reserve is home to a remarkable array of plant and animal species, including the resplendent quetzal and the endangered three-wattled bellbird.

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Aerial view of a suspension bridge near Ficus Lodge

Exhilarating Adventures

For adrenaline enthusiasts, embark on exhilarating zip line adventures, soaring above the lush canopy and reveling in panoramic vistas. Take a scenic hike to the majestic Arenal Volcano, marveling at its mighty eruptions, and unwind in nearby hot springs.

Woman walking in Monteverde Cloud Forest near Ficus Lodge

Breathtaking Views & Rich Culture

Encounter enchanting wildlife at the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, home to elusive species like the resplendent quetzal and playful howler monkeys. Delve into the art of coffee production with a visit to a local plantation, from bean harvesting to savoring a freshly brewed cup.

Couple holding hands & walking near Ficus Lodge

Tour Monteverde

Immerse yourself in the vibrant town of Monteverde, where charming shops offer handcrafted souvenirs, and delightful local cuisine awaits at quaint cafes and restaurants. Let the wonders of Monteverde unfold as you embark on a memorable adventure, filled with breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural experiences.